MapTun Brake kit

Caption: MapTun Brake kit

Designed to fit within the standard 17” alloy wheel, the MapTun high performance brake kit replaces the standard brake discs with 330mm high performance brake discs, 4 pot brake calipers, street performance brake pads and steel braided brake pipes.

As can be seen the upgrade kit is significantly different to the original brake package and gives a huge increase in stopping power both in terms of stopping distances and fade from prolonged braking.

The brake kit can be used either with the standard rear brakes or with upgraded rear brake discs and pads for maximum brake performance.

Upgrade Kit Details: Complete brake kit, including 330 mm discs, 4 pot calipers, steel braided brake lines and street performance brake pads. Kit requires minimum 17” wheels for caliper clearance.

Original Brake Set-Up

Caption: Original Brake Set-Up

MapTun Brake Set-Up

Caption: MapTun Brake Set-Up

MapTun Brake Pads

Caption: MapTun Brake Pads